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What Others Are Saying

Undoubtedly, Impact Makers is one of the absolute finest organizations that I have had the pleasure to work with.  Not only do they meet all project deliverables on schedule and within budget, but they are also a pleasure to work with.  Impact Makers is flexible and they remind me all of the time that their goal is to over deliver – and on each initiative I can say – they have met that objective.


IT Director, Virginia Agency , Technology Star Award Letter of Reference

Kanban has led to workflow efficiency improvements for both the Virginia Department of Corrections Technology Services Agency and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Information Services agency… IT staff at the corrections agency started using Kanban earlier this year and quickly found success. The group lowered the time it takes to generate custom reports for the department from 45 to 19 days.

[Read the full article from December 18, 2012.]

“IT Directors Go Retro in Virginia” , Governing Magazine

By leveraging Impact Makers’ project delivery expertise and [the client’s] software development capability, the team successfully met aggressive deadlines and avoided the challenges of inheriting a solution built completely by outside resources. Impact Makers managed project delivery and oversaw internal resources, as well as introduced Kanban and Scrum methodologies to the agency team, making [the agency] the first state agency to apply this approach.

Virginia Agency , Press Release

What Our Community Partners Are Saying

Since 2008, Impact Makers has made a tremendous financial and volunteer investment in RxP, having invested more than $200,000 and 700 volunteer hours. This investment equated to services provided for more than 6,500 uninsured patients throughout Virginia and more than 65,000 prescriptions with a retail value of $15.8 million.

[Read the Rx Partnership Partner Letter, 2015.]

Amy Yarcich , Executive Director, Rx Partnership

Because of the support we receive from the many Impact Makers staff members; we are reminded that we are not alone and that we are becoming a more vibrant, sustainable organization. They believe in our work and our mission and we are grateful for their dedication…especially for the impact they have on individuals and families served by the Family Lifeline staff and volunteers daily.

[Read the  Family Lifeline Partner Letter, 2015.]

Amy L. Strite, MSW, LCSW , President & CEO, Family Lifeline

The financial contribution [Impact Makers] provided to FLiPM® has funded three high school [programs] in Virginia as well as the first program in Western Michigan. With those funds we have reached almost 250 children, added 20 CAPM® student certifications and have helped three teachers earn their Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.

[Read the FLiPM Partner Letter, 2015]

Jennifer Romero-Greene , Future Leaders in Project Management (FLiPM)

Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) is a more robust and data-driven organization because of you – for this, and for so much more, we thank you! Words cannot express our gratitude for being an Impact Makers’ partner.

[Read PPDC Partner letter, 2015]

Damon Jiggetts , Peter Paul Development Center