Mission and Values

Impact Makers MissionVision2

Impact Makers is driven to create meaningful change for our clients, our community partners, and ourselves. We will utilize our innovative business model to transform the business value of our work into social value for the community through partnerships with local non-profits that include financial contributions as well as pro-bono engagements.

Shared Values

Make A Difference: Impact Makers exists for the purpose of making our local communities better. 

Seek Balance: Impact Makers embraces the pursuit of balance between work, family and personal interests. 

Maximize Integrity: Impact Makers takes into account the views of all our stakeholders to ensure we are doing the right thing to maximize community impact – not just today but in the long run, too. 

Have Fun: Impact Makers believes that work can and should be fun. 

Honor Commitment: Impact Makers brings passion and enthusiasm to our work with all of our stakeholders.  

Insist on Quality: Impact Makers insists that excellence and professionalism permeate the work we do for our clients and our community partners. 

Foster Collaboration: Impact Makers wants our team members to feel like they work with Impact Makers, not for Impact Makers.